The River

© Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa

Lyrics [pdf]

C Am
We m et in a place that was crowded with p eople
C Am C F
I was l onely and l ost, and in s earch of a fr iend.
C* C Am F
You s eemed to be some one I n eeded to t alk to
C Csus2 C F C
We st arted a j ourn ey not s eeing the  end.

C* C F C G
T ime passed and our paths cr ossed m ore and m ore oft en
Not comp letly by chance, nor precisely by pl an.
C* F C G
I s ang you my songs and you t old me y our stor ies;
F C Csus2 F C
We l oved witho ut notic ing wh en it beg an.

C C* F G
N ow I f eel that I've known you for m ost of for ever;
C Am C F
Old fr iends from the t ime before c ities were m ade:
C* F C G
We w alked in the sunlight bes ide the w ild r ivers,
C Am F C
Sl ept in the qu iet of a d eep forest gl ade.

F* C* F
And l ove is a river that fl ows through time's for est
Sm ooth in the shad ow, and sparkling in s un;
C* C F C G
  Over the stones it g oes s inging b y starl ight
C Csus2 F C
To p ools of deep sil ence the cl ear waters r un.
When you're cold and alone in high hills of spent passion
Or lost in dark valleys of grief and despair
Remember clear water runs down to the river
And follow your friendship to lead you back there.

It's a river so deep that we can't see the bottom,
A river so long we can't walk to the end;
We'll journey together beside the clear water;
As deep and as long as the love of a friend. And...
repeat last 4 lines; don't slow down.

Sometimes I just get carried away by a metaphor. This started out trying to be something quite different. It came together in less than 18 hours.