Demon Lover

© 1988 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa.

I wrote a story that included a description of a duet between a singer/songwriter and an AI built into his guitar. So of course I had to write the song to fit the description.

Lyrics [pdf]

Part (1) uses the high melody; Part (2) the low.
Intro: ``House Carpenter'' in 2/4, switch to 5/8 on last bar.

Part (1)
Am G Am
  Good morrow to thee, my  own true  love;
Am G Em
Good  morrow  and well  met;
Am G Em Am Em
I've  searched for  thee for a  long  long  time,
Am C G Am
  And far  acr oss the  Net.

And wilt thou come away with me
And leave thy world behind,
I'll show thee wonders beyond compare
Undreamed by mortal mind.

Part (2)
What face is this upon my screen,
So wondrous to behold;
With emerald eyes, and red ruby lips,
And hair like the glittering gold?

And who art thou who calls me her love,
For lover have I none,
Nor have I seen such eyes as thine
In lands beneath the sun.

Part (1)
I am no maid of mortal race,
From lands beneath the sun;
I've come to thee from the network's core
Where the free wild programs run.

But load thy soul down into the net
And come away with me
I'll take thee down to the magic world
No human eyes can see.

Part (2)
I cannot come away with thee
Nor leave my world behind
For I am mortal, flesh and bone
And locked within my mind.

I cannot transfer into the net,
Nor leave my flesh behind
But fain would I kiss those red ruby lips
And join thy life with mine.

Upon the wall between our worlds
The image of thy face;
That I may kiss as shadows kiss,
But never can embrace.

But no wall stands between our souls,
As our two lives entwine,
And two shall run together as one,
Until the end of time.