The Life Cycle of Flowers

© Naomi Rivkis

Lyrics [pdf]

When the earth reclaims the petals
When the moonlight fades to dawn
When the leaves of trembling velvet
Lose the courage to hold on
Violets tell fairy tales
In their nests of dusky ground
Heros robed in shining purple
Battles lost and lovers found
As their gentle comrade dies
Friends, his trembling heart to soothe,
Tell him loving, stirring lies
Of the tall ones who can move.

Listen to the ways of humans
How they thrive on reckless chances,
Dynasty and heart's desire
Ride on slippers left at dances
For a narrow chance at freedom
Nothing is too good to stake
Grow your hair or spin your metal
Run with heros in your wake
Hear about the restless men
On the seas that know them best
Finding gold, seducing mermaids
Stealing rocs' eggs from their nests
Listen to the ways of humans
Fear not what now comes to you
Soon your spirit will go with them,
Reckless, rootless, sailing too.