When the Magic Died

© 1985 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa.

Lyrics [pdf]

  There was magic in the water
Em Am
And in  fire and wind and  stone.
There was  magic in the greenwood
G Am Em
And in  blood and  flesh and  bone.
There was  magic in the twilight
Am G
And the  darkness and the  day
C G Am
Then  Man forged  bitter  Iron
Em Am
And the  magic died aw ay.

The stallion in the stable,
The mare that pulls the plow,
Who calls them beasts of fable?
Where is their magic now?
The Pegasus is fallen,
He has no wings to fly;
The Night-mare's power ended
On the day the magic died.

The lizard in the desert
In the shadow of the dunes,
The snake down in his tunnel
With his back still marked with runes,
Are the last remaining relics
Of the rulers of their day,
But who will know the Dragons
When their magic's gone away?

The goat upon the mountain,
Seeks for grass amid the stone.
The narwhale in the ocean
Bears a tusk of twisted bone.
The Unicorn was captured,
And the narwhale stole his horn,
And his magic died forever
On the day cold Iron was born.