Lookingglass Folk

Lookingglass Folk sing folk music with a distinctly weird twist. Our first concert was at Conflikt 2012, and it kicked serious ass.

We are:

Naomi Rivkis - vocals and percussion; artistic director
Naomi, a pocket-sized creature with the appearance of a chamois goat who occasionally also manifests as a human folksinger, has been lurking around the back of filk rooms since the early eighties, when she was too young to know better. Persuaded to sing by Callie Hills and Steve Savitzky in 2007, she discovered she liked it, and can now even be found experimenting with djembe, tenor guitar, and other things which make noise, such as small children. She and Steve Savitzky joined forces in 2011 to become the band Lookingglass Folk.
Steve Savitzky - vocals and guitar; webmaster
Steve, a hacker/songwriter who occasionally manifests as either a middle-sized bear or a vaguely ursine and infinitely fuzzy fractal, started both programming and folksinging back in the 1960s. He was dragged to his first con in 1978, and has been happily committing acts of filk ever since. Call him an old folkie, if you will; you can't call him an "aging hippy" because he actually remembers the '60s. (His wife Colleen has a stronger claim to the title, having grown up in San Francisco across the street from the Grateful Dead.) In his day job as an aging hacker (his business cards say "software development engineer" at the moment, but we all know what that really means), he was known for acts of wizardry, derring-do, and unspeakable horror with makefiles, shell scripts, and perl.

In spite of the fact that both of us are songwriters, and best known (ok, only known) in the filk community, we're really old folkies at heart, and our songs are borrowed taken from a wide range of sources.

From time to time we expect to perform with friends and family, but we are fundamentally a duo.