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Song Index

Note: This index contains all of the songs that we have permission to publish on the web. We will eventually add the rest of our repertoire, minus lyrics. Stay tuned.

oggmp3pdffiletime Title
pdf another-country 5:05 Another Country
pdf as-you-see As You See
pdf bigger 2:50 Bigger On The Inside
pdf book-speaks The Book Speaks
pdf cicero-in-the-21st-century 2:20 Cicero in the 21st Century
pdf cicero 2:20 Cicero in the 21st Century
pdf cutty-wren The Cutty Wren
pdf daddys-world 4:00 Daddy's World
pdf daddys-world.orig 4:00 Daddy's World
pdf demon-lover 4:05 Demon Lover
pdf dreamer The Dreamer
pdf emerald-dreams 3:00 Emerald Dreams
pdf fox The Fox
pdf golden-vanity The Golden Vanity
pdf guilty-pleasures 3:21 Guilty Pleasures (Coffee, Computers, and Song)
pdf high-barratry High Barratry
pdf inherit-the-earth 3:25 Inherit the Earth
pdf keep-the-dream-alive 4:18 Keep the Dream Alive
pdf lady-be-gay Lady Be Gay
pdf landscapes Landscapes
pdf life-cycle-of-flowers The Life Cycle of Flowers
pdf middle-aged-bear A Tribute to the Middle-Aged Bear
pdf middle-sized-bear A Talk With the Middle-Sized Bear
pdf millennium-s-dawn 7:00 Millennium's Dawn
pdf mushroom 3:00 The Mushroom Song
pdf nemesis Nemesis
pdf october-country The October Country
pdf owl-and-the-pussycat The Owl and the Pussycat
pdf paper-wings 4:30 Paper Wings
pdf pricklie-bush The Pricklie Bush
pdf quiet-victories Quiet Victories
pdf rambling-silver-rose 2:39 The Rambling Silver Rose
pdf river The River
pdf riverheart Riverheart
pdf rocket-riders-prayer 3:30 Rocket Rider's Prayer
pdf ship-of-stone Ship of Stone
pdf staying-home-tonight Staying Home Tonight
pdf stolen-child The Stolen Child
pdf stuff-that-dreams-are-made-of 4:45 The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
pdf thrill-seekers-waltz Thrill-Seekers' Waltz
pdf toolmakers 3:06 The Toolmakers
pdf vampire-megabyte 3:41 Vampire Mega-Byte
pdf vanguard Vanguard
pdf wheelin Wheelin'
pdf wheelin.orig Wheelin'
pdf when-i-was-a-lad When I was a Lad
pdf when-the-magic-died 2:31 When the Magic Died
pdf where-the-heart-is Where the Heart Is
pdf windward Windward
pdf world-inside-the-crystal 2:15 The World Inside the Crystal

Compact index:

This compact index is here so that somebody who already knows the short filename of a song can find a link to it quickly without having to scroll.

another-country as-you-see bigger book-speaks cicero cicero-in-the-21st-century cutty-wren daddys-world daddys-world.orig demon-lover dreamer emerald-dreams fox golden-vanity guilty-pleasures high-barratry inherit-the-earth keep-the-dream-alive lady-be-gay landscapes life-cycle-of-flowers middle-aged-bear middle-sized-bear millennium-s-dawn mushroom nemesis october-country owl-and-the-pussycat paper-wings pricklie-bush quiet-victories rambling-silver-rose river riverheart rocket-riders-prayer ship-of-stone staying-home-tonight stolen-child stuff-that-dreams-are-made-of thrill-seekers-waltz toolmakers vampire-megabyte vanguard wheelin wheelin.orig when-i-was-a-lad when-the-magic-died where-the-heart-is windward world-inside-the-crystal