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Note: This index contains all of the songs in our repertoire, plus some we're working on, and a few we're thinking of working on. Lyrics are here only for the songs we have permission to post, which is mostly our own stuff and stuff by that famous but elusive songwriter, Trad.

Songs we can't post lyrics for may eventually collect links to concerts, links to the songwriter's website, and assorted notes. Look for the song pages to get prettier and more interesting in the future, and for the indices to be more helpful.

oggmp3time Title
5:05 Another Country
As You See
The Ballad of the Shape of Things
Banks Of Marble
A Battlefield Far From Home
Before the Deluge
Bells of Norwich
2:50 Bigger On The Inside
The Book Speaks
Boom Gone To Bust
Caveat Emptor
2:20 Cicero in the 21st Century
2:20 Cicero in the 21st Century
Crashing Down
The Cutty Wren
4:00 Daddy's World
4:00 Daddy's World
4:05 Demon Lover
Disappearing Man
Don't Laugh At Me
The Dreamer
3:00 Emerald Dreams
Everything Possible
Falling for Lancelot
Forty-Five Years
Forty-Five Years
The Fox
Gentle Arms of Eden
Get Up and Go
Get Up and Go
The Golden Vanity
The Grandfather Clock
The Great Divide
3:21 Guilty Pleasures (Coffee, Computers, and Song)
The Hardest Part of Love
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Here Be Cartographers
High Barratry
I Am Not a Stranger to the Rain
3:25 Inherit the Earth
3:25 Inherit the Earth
Jennifer's Rabbit
John of Dreams
4:18 Keep the Dream Alive
Kitchen Heroes
La Colombe
Lady Be Gay
The Life Cycle of Flowers
The Living Earth
The Living Earth
The Looking-Glass (A Country Dance)
The Lorax
Lord Of the Buffalo
The Mary Ellen Carter
Mary O'Meara
Mary O'Meara
7:00 Millennium's Dawn
Mina's Song
Mina's Song
Mother I Climbed
3:00 The Mushroom Song
No Other Name
The October Country
The Only Help You'll Get
The Owl and the Pussycat
The Owl and the Pussycat
4:30 Paper Wings
4:30 Paper Wings
The Pricklie Bush
Quiet Victories
Quiet Victories
Quiet Victories
2:39 The Rambling Silver Rose
Rhymes and reasons
The River (dw)
The River
3:30 Rocket Rider's Prayer
The Rose
Secret of the Crossroads Devil
Ship of Stone - descant
Ship of Stone
Solemn As Life Or As Death
Staying Home Tonight
The Stolen Child
4:45 The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
4:45 The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
Sweet Survivor
A Talk With the Middle-Sized Bear
Threes, Rev. 1.1
Threes, Rev. 1.1
Thrill-Seekers' Waltz
The Times They Are A-Changin'
3:06 The Toolmakers
A Tribute to the Middle-Aged Bear
Under His Hat, He Had Things
Underground Rail
Underground Rail
3:41 Vampire Mega-Byte
Waltzing With Bears
Warlock's Oath
The Way Old Friends Do
What's Underneath
When I Go
When I was a Boy
When I was a Lad
2:31 When the Magic Died
Where the Heart Is
Wild Mountain Thyme
Will Ye Come Back Home?
2:15 The World Inside the Crystal
Yonder Blue

Compact index:

This compact index is here so that somebody who already knows the short filename of a song can find a link to it quickly without having to scroll.

another-country as-you-see banks-of-marble battlefield-far-from-home before-the-deluge bells-of-norwich bigger book-speaks boom-gone-to-bust caveat-emptor cicero cicero-in-the-21st-century columbia crashing-down crossroads-devil cutty-wren daddys-world demon-lover disappearing-man dont-laugh-at-me dreamer emerald-dreams everything-possible falling-for-lancelot forty-five-years fox gentle-arms-of-eden get-up-and-go golden-vanity grandfather-clock great-divide guilty-pleasures hardest-part-of-love help-me-make-it here-be-cartographers high-barratry hymn inherit-the-earth jennifer-s-rabbit joan john-of-dreams keep-the-dream-alive kitchen-heroes la-colombe lady-be-gay landscapes lies life-cycle-of-flowers living-earth lock-keeper looking-glass lorax lord-of-the-buffalo mary-ellen-carter mary-o-meara masquerade middle-aged-bear middle-sized-bear millennium-s-dawn minas-song mother-i-climbed mushroom nemesis no-other-name not-a-stranger-to-the-rain october-country only-help-youll-get owl-and-the-pussycat paper-wings pricklie-bush quiet-victories rambling-silver-rose rhymes-and-reasons ripple river river-dw riverheart rocket-riders-prayer rose shape-of-things ship-of-stone solemn-as-life staying-home-tonight stolen-child stuff-that-dreams-are-made-of sweet-survivor things threes-rev-1.1 thrill-seekers-waltz times-they-are-a-changin toolmakers underground-rail uplift vampire-megabyte vanguard waltzing-with-bears warlocks-oath way-old-friends-do whats-underneath wheelin when-i-go when-i-was-a-boy when-i-was-a-lad when-the-magic-died where-the-heart-is wild-mountain-thyme will-ye-come-back-home windward wings world-inside-the-crystal yonder-blue