A Tribute to the Middle-Aged Bear

Lyrics © Naomi Rivkis; \ttto ``A Talk with the Middle-Sized Bear'' by Steve Savitzky

Lyrics [pdf]

C F C Am
You've h ad a rough j ourney; y our flight was del ayed
There's a cr amp in your legs and an ache in your h ead
C F C Am
And you l ong to be b ack in your  own cozy b ed.
Dm G
But he's g ot his guitar and he wants you to pl ay.
C Am
Your p oint that it's midnight will f all on deaf ears--
C* C F G6
He's p uppy-dog eager  and d evil-may-c are.
C* F Am
He h asn't slept much in the l ast several y ears;
F G Csus2 G C
So stay  up with the M id dle-A ged  Bear.
C Am
For the M iddle-Aged Bear is a creature most r are
He's l osing his memory and some of his h air
But th ere's half of Bob Dylan he'll pl ay if you dare
Hang aro und with the M iddle- Aged B ear.
He's clumsy, forgetful, ill-tempered, and shy;
His beard it has grown till it brushes his shoes
I'd warn you he growls, but I don't think that's news
But he'll shift into whimsy in the blink of an eye.
He says he's not clever, and sometimes he's right.
Sometimes he drifts off and forgets that you're there,
But his puns will get worse when it's later at night
So watch out for the Middle-Aged Bear.
For the Middle-Aged Bear is a creature most rare
If you think he's half crazy, you're one of a pair.
He'll blithely admit it and doesn't much care,
So you're stuck with the Middle-Aged bear.
There's a rant in his journal on subjects arcane
Though the people who know say he's probably wrong;
But on good days he still writes a hell of a song,
And what he can't play he can probably feign.
He'll send you a letter; he can't stand the phone
He's convinced it'll jump him from out of thin air
He's fond of your company but easier alone
It makes sense to the Middle-Aged Bear.
For the Middle-Aged Bear is a creature most rare
His spectacles accent his nearsighted stare.
Though he thinks we don't love him, we're glad that he's there--
Raise a glass to our Middle-Aged Bear.